Opinion: Baker for coroner represents all


I will preface this letter by stating that my father is Robbie Baker, Sumter County coroner, running for re-election. Growing up, my father made many sacrifices for me and my sister. He worked as a law enforcement officer (specializing in death investigations) during my upbringing. I can attest that my father did his due diligence and conducted ethical, moral and thorough investigations.

You see, my sister and I grew up with a mother who was a public school teacher (embarrassingly underpaid) and a law enforcement officer (again, underpaid). Both worked hard to provide for us, and I remember my father working private security to make extra money to pay for mine and my sister's Christmas gifts as children.

Dad worked his way up the ladder at the Sumter County Sheriff's Office and gained the recognition of being a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy in Quantico, Virginia, in 1999. His leadership, commitment and trust have built a foundation of solidarity within the Coroner's Office of Sumter County. His commitment to being a public servant has been fluid from his transition to a law enforcement officer/investigator to county coroner.

Though I was reared in Sumter, I am a resident of Richland County. I am a proud, registered Democrat and smiled the day my father registered as a Democrat, as well! However, the office of coroner should not be partisan; rather, it should be led by someone who is compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable.

My father, Robbie Baker, is the right man for the job. As a staunch Democrat, I can truly see his compassion and dedication. No matter what your political affiliation, vote for the person who will personally knock on your door and express compassion and provide an educated reason why your family member left this earth.


Richland County