Opinion: Opinions from whiny adults have no facts included


On the Dec. 12 Op/Ed page is an article which demonstrates how some people who, from their photos, look to be adults but are actually whining children whose brains have failed to grow along with their bodies. How impeachment of the president will help public health is all just their opinion - no facts supplied with the whining. They make allegations and wishful thinking not based on facts. But then as Joe Biden has said, there are true facts, implying there are also false facts. In the long-ago days of sanity, we were taught that facts and truth are the same.

The statement that ... "the Centers for Disease Control gets very little funding to study the effects of guns on public health" is an example of arrested brain development and/or wishful thinking. When did guns become a disease? Only in tiny, whiny minds.

I do agree with Gregory and Hastings that "Mental health care has come under greater demand than ever since the 2016 campaign...". People like these so dislike our president that they could be classified as being in need of confinement in a mental institution. Alas, the Bull Street, Columbia, mental hospital has been long gone - we surely could make use of it with mentally deficient children like these two and others from PeaceVoice who have had op/eds lately in The Sumter Item.

Then we have Kathleen Parker, who regurgitates what so-called journalists from outlets such as CNN and her employer, the infallible Washington Post (according to Ms. Parker), provide as so-called news. She should do a little research into how often her paper has distributed "fake news" stories and has had to correct and retract.

At least we have Walter Williams, an actual adult, back in the Item. One may not agree with him but must admit he provides well-researched articles. His articles are written from an adult perspective for adults. Many of us missed the three weeks he was not in the paper, but had the drivel from PeaceVoice instead. I do hope Professor Williams will continue to be in the pages of this paper.