Opinion: Perhaps the school board could start a GoFundMe for teacher pay raises


I finally decided to voice my opinion on county council's decision about the school board.

First, I want to thank county council for their decision. I think most people realize that once our taxes go up, they will never go back down. I was in favor of a tax hike but am glad they decided against it.

Second, I propose to start something like a GoFundMe account to raise the $206,000 they need to give teachers a pay raise or to keep teachers they may have to let go. Maybe a bank could be in charge of this. Perhaps The Item might do it since they raise money for other projects. Why not this one? I bet three county council members will pay into it, as they are willing to tax others so they must have some extra money that they too would have had to pay for the "tax hike" they wanted.

I even bet some of those "business and industry who were against the millage increase" will donate. Many do care and donate along with churches and other organizations. Someone needs to apologize for what they accused these businesses and industry of. I would donate as well as others who are upset with county council for not "hiking our taxes."

Third, why exactly do we have a Brewington Academy? I understand "The Mission of Brewington Academy is to help students build self-esteem while developing the intellect and discipline required to be responsible and successful citizens." Maybe their parents could get involved to help and encourage, not only their self-esteem, but also their intellect and discipline problems. Why do people have children if they aren't responsible for their children's proper upbringing, which includes their education?

Some, maybe many, believe that more money is the answer. If this were really true, we would have a much higher rate of high school students graduating with higher scores and fewer dropouts. Our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents fought for the "right" to an education. However, "you can lead a student to the classroom, but you can't make them want to learn."