Opinion: Politicians need to get back to work to run this country


When are our politicians going to work for Americans as we asked them to? Everything seems to be for them and only them. We have insurmountable problems all around us, yet they insist on only those that will propel them into their few minutes of "photographic" fame. The issues they avoid discussing, which would be good for America, are placed on the back burner and will seldom, if ever, come to the forefront. We continue to suffer at the hands of these "idiots" we've sent to Washington to do a job for us.

The office of the president should command respect. I don't agree with everything our POTUS does, but it's only an eight-year job, so go along with the person, as he is doing a "good" job. Our employment and our economy are doing quite well. The tax break brought some relief to us; I'm sure politicians benefited from it, as well as the average American. Schumer and Pelosi have done little except resist most efforts along the way.

The immigration system needs badly to be repaired. I firmly believe in immigration, but it must be done legally, not just by calling for political asylum, but coming here through legal means. We all had people enter our country. They were the "bedrock" of our existence, and they did it the right way.

Now that this collusion investigation seems to be ending, I humbly ask our politicians to get back to work and run this country as it should be run, for Americans by Americans. You all have good-paying jobs for part-time work with no limits on your spending.

This letter will cost me a postage stamp; I'm sure your response (if you ever responded) would be free.

POTUS wants to "Make America Great Again." Why don't you help him at least a little?

God bless America.