Opinion: Relaxing trade war could help in finding solution to problems


Dennis Turner's guest column in Thursday's paper included a number of partial truths and important omissions.

A casual search of the internet reveals that Mr. Turner works for Duke Energy, but his credits in the paper only state that he is a "certified energy manager and professional engineer." Since Duke Energy supports fossil fuels, natural gas and nuclear energy, Mr. Turner's view might reflect a conflict of interest. In Mr. Turner's defense, The Item may have known this fact but chose not to include it.

Mr. Turner's criticism of solar alternatives correctly identifies a number of problems. Many people have indeed questioned whether solar farms make sense given the fact that they can result in the destruction of forests. Also, China does control a large supply of rare minerals needed in solar panels. However, China's rare minerals are also crucial for cellphones and missiles.

A more constructive approach would put pressure on the president to relax the trade war with China. After all, I am sure Duke Energy would not want to offend Saudi Arabia, a country the United States has been "dependent on" for a long time.