Opinion: SHS theater students need public's support for trip


Ladies and gentlemen of Sumter County, within our humble county we have some very talented teenagers at Sumter High School. This group of teens in the theater program have won the state theater competition two years running! They need your support! There is no funding available from the District Office. I promise we have gone straight to the top and asked! That is where your support comes in! The trip to Louisville, Kentucky, is expensive. The students involved need your help to fund this trip. The window from winning to having to pay for expenses is very small. You can even get a tax deduction for your contribution!

At this point, we are not too proud to beg for your help! Currently the students are hard at work on the annual musical that will show at the end of January. But we need your financial support now!

You can write a check and mail it directly to the school to the attention of Kelly Melton, director of theater programs. Make it out to Sumter High School Drama Program. Include a note if you wish for a tax letter.

Please, we need your help! Look us up on Facebook, and follow our page for all happenings!


Booster Club president