Opinion: Thank you to dedicated first responders who save lives


I would like to praise our fire department, police department and EMS in responding to a recent fire on Anne Park. My husband and I were watching television and with our front door open all of a sudden saw an explosion out of the side of the house next door to us. Someone in the neighborhood had already dialed 911, and within a few minutes we had fire trucks, police cars and an ambulance ready to serve!

We were all so thankful that no human being was in the house at the time of the fire, but there were three dogs trapped in the house. As the fire became contained, each dog eventually was brought outside, but they were practically dead, and it was so sad.

Those responders worked on the three dogs, and after a while, my husband and I saw the little tails starting to wag. With tears streaming, I was convinced that these folks love their job and saving lives of all kinds!

Thank you first responders!