Opinion: Valet parking was helpful for handicapped patients


Dear Ms. Logan-Owens, CEO at Prisma Tuomey:

During a visit to my physician last week, I discovered valet parking is no longer available at Tuomey. Unfortunately, neither is adequate handicapped parking.

I see that a few new handicapped spaces have been added near one of the two buildings which house doctors' offices. However, these are obviously not adequate for the needs of the disabled patrons who now need them since valet parking has been eliminated. After all, this is a hospital that I would think serves a great deal of handicapped individuals.

Just this morning, my wife had a doctor's appointment at Tuomey and had to park in the back end of the garage even though she has a handicapped tag. She encountered a disabled lady who also had to park on the back end of the garage. They began talking. The lady had a hip replacement and now has an infection in her leg. Like my wife, she previously used the valet service, but today she had to walk, resulting in a very uncomfortable experience. She stated she had no one to come to the hospital with her so she cannot be dropped off and picked up after her appointment. We have been told that security or other individuals will use a golf cart to drop off individuals after their visit to Tuomey, but this is of no use in getting to your appointment.

I suggest the following: Why can't the former valet parking spaces be converted to handicapped spaces? This would add several much-needed handicapped spaces. Additionally, assign more of the garage spaces as handicapped so they would be closer to the elevators. And better yet, bring back the valet parking service. I am sure if managed properly, it would pay for itself or possibly even turn a profit.