Opinion: Veteran reflects on service, memorable experiences on holiday


Happy Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2019.

I never know what to say when someone says "thanks for your military service to our country, America, and its many inconveniences, rough times and the sacrifices."

I say thanks, but about "that time" then and even now when I "look back," to me, I didn't and don't see anything special about "our time."

That's the way Judy's and my life was. I (we) didn't know anything special difference.

I (we) thought that's the way life's supposed to be.

It was fun and exciting.

In fact, I (we) were lucky and proud to be able to find something special that "they" let us in that unique way of life.

I tell my grandson (just graduated from AF Basic Training, Oct. 12, 2019) and others, I'd give my left nut to be back there now.

Even start back at Military (Air Force) Basic Training. God, I (we) loved it.

A great sound and life event I miss was "in the heat of the battle," when the bullets were flying and whizzed around and it looked like chaos and men were jumping around doing like impossible things and making "it" happen like "it" was normal and natural.

Man that adrenaline was very high and was nothing greater.

What I'd give for just a little of that adrenaline now.

Damn, what a show and life experience we were lucky and permitted to be part of.

I miss my life partner, Judy Grandalski, able to share those life experiences. She died Sept. 30, 2019.

Thanks Judy, this man was lucky and wouldn't ask for a better married partner and friend.

We had lots of memorable life experiences. I miss you every day.


Major, USAF, retired