OPINION: We can't apply today's standards to yesterday's people


A New York Times op-ed now says that George Washington statues "must" be pulled down. Beautiful.

Yes, forget the good things Washington did to form this country. Let's judge him by today's standards instead of looking at him with historical perspective, and then let's posthumously punish a statue. Makes sense. Welcome to Nazi Germany. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for men like Washington. While we are at it, let's destroy museums. They are full of artwork by imperfect people. People that I guarantee would be included in what these anarchists would consider to be punishable. Let's burn the country down because many of its leaders were slave owners just like every other country on the planet. History is a very complicated thing. You cannot apply today's standards to yesterday's men and women.

The United States is the greatest experiment in government ever tried. And I bet it has exceeded even Washington's expectations. We are the freest country (courtesy of men like Washington) on the planet. Is this country perfect? Of course not ... but it is still the country people cross open water to get to for freedom. The people that want to change that thinking? That is Marxism and communism talking. Two more ideologies that if you asked these nitwits to define ... would stammer away for an answer.

Think about that.