Opinion: Why does local leadership keep Sumter residents in the dark?


Sumter 2040: To prepare Sumter 2040, we need to start at the foundation and build from the ground up. Students are our future. Health care is most important in politics. When we lose our health, we have nothing left. Our leadership seems to have run out of ideas long ago, assuming they ever had good ideas. Most citizens don't know who is responsible for anything. The citizens of Sumter are very uninformed by the city/county leaders. How many Sumter citizens even know who Mr. McCormick is?

Sumter 2040: The Sumter citizens are very "ill informed" by the city/county government. Let's see the "2040" master plan. What will happen to the old police department? What will The Sumter Item building be used for? I have talked with several police officers, and no one knows. Why keep Sumter citizens in the dark? Put the planning "ideas" in the newspaper. We learn nothing from the planning department.