Letter to the editor: Possible penny tax projects should benefit everyone


I hope the new list for the Penny for Progress are items that will be of value to all and not just a benefit for some. I voted against the last one because I felt it was full of fluff. I am a conservative. But I am not a Republican, the party of no. I think the tax is a good and fair way to raise much-needed funds for our area. However, we do not need any more underused gyms in the Black community (I am Black), nor tennis courts or softball fields at this time.

This next list must be a good list of things needed by the entire community. We have blight that needs to be addressed, too much trash along the roads. My wife and I just spent a couple of nights in Wytheville, Virginia. As we rode around town, we saw two pieces of paper along the roadway and not one bottle or can.

Back to the penny tax. We need items that would help our youth with their education. Each morning, I see young school-age men going to school without any books. What are they learning, how to sell drugs and fight over neighborhoods they do not own or pay taxes on?

Something is needed to get these kids educated. Soon all the smart kids will be in charter schools, and the school board will be over a system full of thugs. I know I started this over the penny tax, but these young people are on my mind. This world is moving toward a highly technological system, and those who are not prepared will end up as criminals in the prison system. So, to all those smart people on the Penny for Progress board, do not include amenities for the well-heeled (rich or wanna-be), but well-thought-out community-needed items.

One more thing. I understand Sen. Kevin Johnson's frustration on the rejections of the small sales tax by the Republicans, but remember we are in a climate of rejection by the party of no.