Rafting Creek Elementary earns $3K from math contest


Rafting Creek Elementary School took $3,000 home this weekend for placing second at a math competition.

Matific held the U.S. Matific Games, where students completed activities to earn stars or points. The more activities they completed and the better they scored resulted in more stars.

Every student won at least one star per episode completed, with the potential to earn a maximum of five stars per activity.

Each student also had the chance to replay each activity up to five times during the course of the competition.

"Matific is a company committed to offering immersive math games to children around the world," Kevin Sherman, CEO, said. "With this competition, we hope students had the chance to find a new appreciation for math and learn how excellent math skills can help them to accomplish larger goals in life."

The $3,000 second-place prize was a congratulations for competing against thousands of schools from across the nation.