Resolution passes to name portion of I-95 after Garrett


On March 20, State Sen. Kevin L. Johnson, D-Manning, introduced a resolution naming a portion of Interstate 95 for the late Randolph L. Garrett Jr., who died in August 2018. A 30-plus year veteran of law enforcement, Garrett served for two terms as Clarendon County Sheriff. He is remembered as a loving husband and father, devoted brother, peacemaker and "a cop's cop" by his family, friends and fellow law enforcement officers.

Following Garrett's death, Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis called Garrett a "true friend" and a selfless servant."

"I am honored to have this opportunity to bestow this very well-deserved honor upon Sheriff Garrett," Johnson said Thursday afternoon. "This highway dedication insures that his life and legacy will be remembered forever."

The portion of I-95 that will be named the Randolph Garrett Jr. Memorial Highway stretches from exit 102 north to exit 119, a stretch of the interstate that Garrett patrolled regularly when he was a patrol officer with the Clarendon County Sheriff's Office.

Johnson thanked Rep. Robert L. Ridgeway III for "helping the resolution move smoothly through the House." He also thanked all of his colleagues in the Senate for voting in favor of the resolution.

The resolution naming the portion of the north-south thoroughfare in honor of Garrett was adopted by the Senate on March 26 and then adopted by the House on April 10.