Restaurant news: Food grades for Sept. 26-Oct. 4


Following are the food grades for local businesses inspected by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for Sept. 26-Oct. 4. A "C" grade is failing. For detailed reports, visit

Arby's #15, 1954 McCrays Mill Road, Sumter: A

Canteen/Eaton Electric Cafeteria, 11 Corporate Circle, Sumter: A

Chuck E Cheese #657, 1121 Broad St., Sumter: A

Dixon's Shopping Center, 1290 N. Kings Highway, Sumter: A, A

Evelyn's Place, 4710 Narrow Paved Road, Lynchburg: A

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, 1261 Broad St., Sumter: A

Hampton's Restaurant, 33 N. Main St., Sumter: A

Hampton's Catering, 4 W. Hampton Ave., Sumter: A

IHOP #3070, 2485 Broad St., Sumter: A

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, 1121 Broad St., Suite 13, Sumter: A

Logan's Roadhouse, 2531 Broad St., Sumter: A

Morris College Millennium Cafe, 100 W. College St., Sumter: A

Mr. Teriyaki, 1315 Peach Orchard Road, Sumter: A

Papa John's Pizza, 435 N. Guignard Drive, Sumter: A

Red Lobster #0746, 1034 Broad St., Sumter: A

Serendipity Catering and Cafe, 118 S. Main St., Sumter: A

Speedway #2845, 101 Broad St., Sumter: A

Subway #13704, 1961-E McCrays Mills Road, Sumter: A

Subway #7502, 1146 Broad St., Sumter: A

Taco Bell #31781, 1112 Broad St., Sumter: A, A

Taco Bell #31789, 25 N. Lafayette Drive, Sumter: A, B

Thai House and Sushi Bar, 718 Bultman Drive, Sumter: A

Walmart #511 Bakery, 1283 Broad St., Sumter: A

Walmart #511 Deli, 1283 Broad St., Sumter: A

Wendy's #239, 216 E. Hampton St., Sumter: A

Willie Sue's Inc., 3355 Patriot Parkway, Sumter: A