Letter to the editor: Schools should focus on education instead of mascots


So a family member shared a letter in regards to Furman Middle School wanting input about changing the school's mascot. Their reasoning for this is along the lines of being culturally responsive, diversity and inclusiveness. Now, while I did not attend Furman, my family members have. So some of my questions regarding this:

Whose bright idea was this? Have there been complaints from the Native American community regarding the mascot, if so, why have we not heard about this previously?

Is not having a Native American as a mascot inclusive and representative? If you change the mascot, then are you not excluding the Native American community? Are you saying a fictional character or another ethnicity deserves more recognition at the expense of Native American ethnicity?

Honestly do you not think the school should be more concentrated on education rather than focusing on cultural responsiveness, diversity and inclusiveness? Seriously the school district is advancing students who are not grade proficient in their skills, graduating students with a 60% average who can't do basic math, read proficiently and have no grammar/writing skills.

Come on, Furman, stop with the woke agenda and start educating our kids.