Shine Bowl cancelled for 2020


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The Shine Bowl Board of Governors met on Thursday and decided to cancel the 2020 edition of the game due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The 84th annual game, which pits the top players from South Carolina against the top players from North Carolina, was originally scheduled for Dec. 19.

"Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, The Shrine Bowl athletic department and medical staff have been doing their due diligence in trying to prepare for the 84th Shrine Bowl Game," said game chairman Ronnie Blount in a press release. "The staff has been trying to glean every piece of information from the North and South Carolina governing bodies possible. Everything from player selection, housing, transportation and food services for our players, coaches and athletic staff and medical personnel.

"We are learning that with the current circumstances and the monumental efforts that it will take to meet the challenges of COVID-19 in which we are now faced, are those that cannot hardly be achieved by us at this time. In short, if we are not able to produce a great quality game as we have done the past 83 years and provide the best game possible for our sponsors, players, coaches and patrons, then we should not play the game this year."

While the game itself will not be played, teams will be still selected in order to recognize the players.

"Even if we do not play this year's game, our Shrine Bowl coaches will select a team of 44 players from each state in October," said Blount. "This will give our graduating seniors an opportunity to have been selected to play in the Shrine Bowl, and, as a Shrine Bowl selectee, add this honor to their list of achievements for their high school career."

The next Shrine Bowl will now be played on Dec. 18, 2021. Former Sumter High School wide receiver Tylee Craft and defensive back O'Donnell Fortune played in last year's contest.