Shutdown over border control is stupidity, but we will rebound


To avoid any repercussions, I will use "idiocy" to describe my view of what is going on in Washington at this time with our elected officials, whom we elect to serve us (at least that's what they're supposed to do but don't).

This idea of a government shutdown over border control is more than idiocy, it's "stupidity." Our POTUS is doing the right thing; his job is to protect America, not give it away like Schumer and Pelosi are trying to do. Every "undocumented" person will be given a tag with a big "D" on it to use in elections. They will then be taken to Social Security, Registry of Motor Vehicles, and then on to Medicare, where they will register for free care. And you and I, Mr. and Mrs. America, will pay for everything they want.

Thank you very much, elected officials; even though we don't like it, you sure put a feather in your cap.

Our political "reps" here in our state are only seen in "photo ops" and when elections are near. I have written to Graham, Scott and Clyburn on issues that concern me, and the reply has been a "form letter" that had nothing to do with my questions. It would be "nice" if this shutdown affected them, then I'm sure they would fix things. I feel remorse for the veterans who gave so much for our country (I'm one) and now have to suffer and see our country decline at the hands of incompetent and greedy politicians. We won't collapse, we will rebound. I have faith in America, it's just sometimes a crack develops and we have to fix it. One big "plus" would be term limits, if we could ever get them.

God bless America.