Spartanburg man, 32, charged for assaulting woman in Sumter County


Sumter County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Spartanburg man on Monday after he allegedly threatened a woman with a weapon and physically assaulted her.

According to warrants issued on June 28, Tyrone Dominic Tisdale, 32, of North Church Street in Spartanburg, is accused of pointing a firearm at the victim while threatening her. He is also accused of slamming the woman on the ground before kicking her multiple times in the head and body while at a location in the 1800 block of Highway 15 South in Sumter County on June 24.

Tisdale is charged with second degree assault and battery, and pointing and presenting a firearm.

He was transported to Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center where he was released after making payments on two $2,500 personal recognizance bonds, one for each charge.