Sumter 2040 should address electricity, voting, education


Sumter 2040? We need the state of South Carolina to totally get rid of "voter registration" and register all voters automatically when they reach voting age. The registration is used to prevent citizens from voting for several reasons including "racism." Every citizen should be allowed to vote, regardless. One person, one vote. It's the American way.

Sumter 2040: We need all electricity lines to be underground.

With the severe weather and falling tree branches, not to mention the unsightly power poles and power lines, things could be updated using today's knowledge. Our electrical system is very "yesterday."

Sumter 2040: Instead of K-12 education school system, we need to change to K-14 and make the system cover two years of college with a later change to K-16 to cover four years of college in our education system. We need to understand the importance of education.