Sumter Art Association Club Digest

The Sumter Art Association was held at 3:30 p.m. Jan. 15 in the parish hall of the Church of the Holy Comforter. President Patti Sosnowski welcomed everyone and wished everyone a happy new year. Ginger Jones gave an inspiring devotion on the importance of praying in our everyday activities.

Recording secretary Andrena Ray read aloud the minutes from Dec. 4, 2018. There were no additions or corrections, and the minutes were approved as read. Treasurer Susan Brabham reported the current balance. There were no other reports from officers.

President Sosnowski asked for committee reports. In absence of attendance chairwoman Ginger Barwick, Fran Kay and Margaret Moses reported that 50 members and two guests were present. Linda Hogon reported on numerous cultural events taking place during the current month in Sumter and the surrounding area. Carla Young asked members to keep her informed of any changes needed or desired in contact information in preparation for updating our yearbook for another year.

Program chairwoman Dotty Lyles introduced Mary Catherine Mathews, a lovely and talented young dancer. Mary Catherine is a junior at Wilson Hall and a student at Freed School of Dance. She performs traditional ballet and some more modern genres as well. She spoke of her love of music and dance and performed a solo ballet number to open her program. She then showed a video of herself and a group of young people dancing to contemporary Christian music.

Sosnowski thanked Mary Catherine and reminded everyone of the next meeting on Feb. 19. She then adjourned the meeting and invited everyone to the refreshment table, thanking the hostess committee for their hospitality. Chairwoman was Linda Brown. Jane Collins served as co-chairwoman. Committee members assisting were Ginger Barwick, Elizabeth Britton, Barbara Burchstead, Karla Dickerson, Anne Haynie, Karen Ingram, Dotty Kolb, Mary Garland Roddey, Bunni Russell and Debbie Thomas. The stunning table centerpiece was created by Dotty Kolb.