Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis makes a statement in response to the death of George Floyd


Law enforcement officers exist to provide accountability. We must live by the same rules we enforce. Further, we, as law enforcement leaders, must be willing to acknowledge, challenge and stand against injustice of every kind. If not, we will lose the trust and respect of the very citizens who ask us to protect them.

The majority of law enforcement officers I know place service and sacrifice above self; not self above all else. To truly honor the life of George Floyd and to atone for his tragic death, challenge yourself to take on that mentality. And, if you’re sick of seeing these types of events, I encourage you to be the change you want to see. Go apply to be a law enforcement officer. Create the change; don’t just hope for it. Lasting change will only be achieved when we all agree to confront, challenge and stand against injustice.

--- Sheriff Anthony Dennis, Sumter County Sheriff's Office