Sumter Litter Alliance public meeting Monday


The Sumter Litter Alliance will hold a public meeting on Monday to discuss the details of the group's organization and its efforts to clean up Sumter County.

The meeting will be held at Swan Lake Visitors Center, 822 W. Liberty St., at 5:30 p.m., where the group will also detail its Community Clean-Up Day that is scheduled for March 24.

"We hope that the community will come out and have a positive discussion with us about the litter issues in our area and how they can be addressed," said Nicole Bailey, vice president of operations for Greater Sumter Chamber of Commerce. "We know there is a problem. There is no need to spend time revisiting that issue. We want suggestions about how people are willing to help. We're hoping this meeting will build some investment from the community."

Sumter Litter Alliance has been working to rally support for its efforts.

Sumter City Councilman Steve Corley and County Councilman Chris Sumpter, both members of the group, have been talking with law enforcement about drafting a stricter litter ordinance for the county. A new ordinance would work in conjunction with a zero-tolerance policy announced by Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis earlier this year.

"Feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive," said Scott Burkett, group organizer. "Everyone really wants to do whatever they can to help with this effort."

Other efforts the group is working on include education programs for both students and the community that will be coordinated with Palmetto Pride and a public awareness campaign that will bring the public's attention to the community impact of littering and illegal dumping and to the enforcement of laws and the consequences people will face for breaking them.

Public feedback is still being requested and accepted for the meeting. Comments, concerns and photos can be sent to