Sumter residents should expect new voter registration card in their mailbox soon

New cards will reflect redistricting changes


Sumter County residents can expect a card in the mail from the Sumter County Voter Registration and Elections Office soon.

Ahead of this year's general midterm election and because of redrawn lines from recent census data, Sumter County Voter Registration and Elections Director Pat Jefferson said changes have led to the office needing to account for Sumter's population shifts.

"Redistricting takes place every 10 years, and we will like to know everybody who's affected by this change. We didn't want to leave anybody out," Jefferson said. "So once they get their new cards in the mail, they will know who is representing them at that time and who they are eligible to vote for."

While residents may not have moved, the lines drawing electoral zones did to maintain balanced districts. That means your representative might be different because you are now living in a different district.

By Sept. 1, all Sumter County voters should receive a new voter registration card, even if they are not affected by redistricting.

Jefferson noted the card will let voters know who they can vote for in the Nov. 8 midterm election based on the districts they live in; this accounts for local government and Sumter School District Board of Trustees races as well as state and congressional races.

Voters are asked to sign the new card and hold onto it. Residents who have recently had an address change are asked to fill out information on the back of the card.

"All changes of address must be completed 30 days prior to an election," Jefferson said. "They will fill that out, mail it back to us or bring it into the office. A new voter registration card will be given back to them."

If someone does not receive a card in the mail by Sept. 19, residents can contact the Voter Registration and Elections Office at (803) 436-2310 or visit the office at 141 N. Main St.

The Sumter Item will publish a special Vote 2022 section of the newspaper that will run in print and online Oct. 1. It will include Q&As from candidates as well as polling locations, sample ballots and other information voters need to know before heading to the polls.