Sumter School district needs mill increase to improve our schools


Education is the key to economic success, and a good education does not come without the support of the entire community. I have made it my priority to do all I can to support and improve Sumter School District. Over the past several years, Sumter has seen tremendous economic development and made educational strides. The Thompson Family of Companies has committed $100,000 in support of the upcoming Summer Professional Development Conference, to be held in Sumter with 400 educators from Sumter schools participating. Also, Thompson has made a commitment to sponsor Ben Carson Reading Rooms in every elementary school in the district. This project is designed to combat illiteracy and to promote leisure reading. It is imperative to get increased support in order to continue on the path to making our schools the best they can be, affording each child the opportunity to reach his or her highest potential.

I say all this to show my full support of the school district administration's request for a 5.48-mill increase from the Sumter County Council. We must work together as members of the Sumter community to give the school district what it needs to improve our schools.

I can assure you Thompson, Thompson Turner and my family have one goal: to win the hearts and minds of our teachers, assistant principals, principals, staff and administrators so they can win the hearts and minds of our children, ensuring their success for generations to come.