Letter to the editor: The best stop and think


The one you are mad with or aiming to

hurt / kill may in fact be the one who saves

you in the future. They may also in the future

become a part of your family. They may marry

your son/ daughter, your uncle / aunt, or cousin

only God knows. They may have become your best friend

but you couldn't wait to see what the future holds

you wanted to take matters into your own hands.

Now that future that may have been your best life

has been filled with evil, prison life and you are

already dead to the world, no one cares except your loved ones,

Or do you have any loved ones?

Think about your future children, and their future.

What would you tell them about yourself? Who are you?

What have you contributed to this world? What wonderful memories

can you share with them?

Have you caused pain and heart ache or

have you been a blessing to others? Don't let your destiny

become your prison. You are worth so much more than

you can see right now. Your best you is only limited by you, no one else.

You were born to make a positive difference in this world.

Will you strive to be the best you, the best friend, the best son/daughter,

the best aunt/uncle, the best cousin, the best neighbor, the best husband/wife

the BEST you? Stop and think before you take the life of your

future, husband or wife, best friend, son/daughter, aunt/uncle,

cousin, neighbor. You can still be the best you, if you love not hate.

Love conquers all and God is love. That's who you need in your life.