Local digital agency offers online essentials for your business


In an age of internet giants, it can seem hard for smaller businesses to get a foot in the door online.

Katie Shaw, digital specialist for the Iris Agency, says that many businesses still don’t have a website, just a Facebook page. But these days, staying low-tech means getting left behind.


Katie Welch Shaw

Shaw says, “Whether we like it or not, we’re living in a digital age where you won’t see a person without a smartphone in their hand. How do you reach those customers? On their mobile device.”

A big part of what the Iris Agency does is making companies’ websites mobile ready*, or fully accessible to smartphone users.

Many of the Iris Agency’s clients come needing help with setting up a mobile ready* website for their business, which she says is the number one starting point.


85% of local consumers search online for business information, so if a company hasn’t made an effort to boost its online presence, those customers are likely to find a competitor who has.

For businesses to excel in the digital age, they need to embrace a holistic online presence. This means a strong social media presence, sufficient advertising, and optimizing their website’s rank in search engines.

Making sure your business ranks high in internet search results is now a crucial aspect of staying competitive, and one the Iris Agency can help you with. You might have a great product, but if your business doesn’t show up in the first results page in a search, it’s probably going to lose out to the companies that do.

Search engine providers like Google rank businesses based on how active they are, so the more advertising, posts and followers on social media, and general ‘buzz’ online your business has, the higher it will appear in search results.


Business owners also need to be aware of the unique opportunity presented by the growth of social media. As a local social media expert, the Iris Agency helps them take advantage of this increasingly important field.

Having the Iris Agency behind your company’s social media account ensures that you remain active, relevant, and informational on social media.

Among a wide array of services in this area, the Iris Agency offers “Do It For Me” social media management, which includes a minimum of three posts a week on sales, local events, and market trends.

The digital services provided by the Iris Agency help start a conversation for your customers to respond to and in doing so, create a personality and a voice for your company that will set it apart from competitors.

Check out the Iris Agency’s website or call (803) 464-5055 to bring your business’s online presence up to speed.