The lost spring seniors: COVID-19's impact on Sumter, Clarendon, Lee high school athletes, Part X


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Senior athletes in spring sports have lost out on most of their final high school seasons because of the coronavirus, so The Sumter Item wanted to hear from them about what that lost spring means to them. The Item will be running this series over the next several editions to give them a voice during their lost spring.

Christopher Barfield - Crestwood track and field

“Losing spring sports means a lot of opportunities missed out on. Many student athletes, especially seniors, only play sports during the spring season, and this may have been their only chance of showing out and putting in the grind for scholarships and offers they wanted. It’s heartbreaking to know that something you love doing has been put on hold. During this pandemic, it really has taught me a lesson. Don’t take the athletic ability God has blessed you with for granted because you never know when it all can be taken away. Put the grind in everyday if you really love what you’re doing. Go 110% at everything and every time you perform, and treat it as if it is your last.”

Trevin Harrison - Manning baseball

"We had a great team. I wish we could go back in time I’m really sad and disappointed that the seniors and myself couldn’t finish our senior year of baseball. Senior year is like what we all was waiting for I’m going to truly miss high school baseball the love I have for this game is unexplainable wish I could have finish the season with my boys I’m going to forever be a Monarch 1,2,3 PRIDE!

#ill be back

#Next level here I come"

Molly Moss - Wilson Hall track

“To me, losing my spring season means a few things. One being that I will never get the chance to shoot with my teammates again nor race around the track at Spencer Field.  The other being that I no longer have any opportunities to achieve my goals I had set for myself in sporting clays as well as track.  I will definitely cherish the last race and shoot  I participated in. I appreciate all of my coaches and teachers with their encouraging words throughout this pandemic.”

Ellie Hunter – Thomas Sumter softball

“I’ve been working hard my whole life playing softball. In eighth grade, I had to move up to varsity because our senior pitcher graduated and I’ve just been looking forward to having my senior year, being able to lead the way I’ve seen the older girls in the past lead the younger girls. The older girls had put so much confidence in me and always had my back. I wanted to be able to do that for the younger girls.”

Ziyan Gibson – Lakewood track

“Losing this year’s track season has been extremely upsetting. This year was originally supposed to be my junior year, but I decided to graduate early. Knowing this was my last year as a Lakewood Athlete, I intended to give 110% at every meet & every practice.  Only being able to run two meets this season is incredibly heartbreaking, not only to myself but to our entire team. I had big goals set for myself and the team this year, like making it to the state qualifying meet and ultimately competing at the State Level. We had hopes of bettering our race times and strengthening our relationships with one another. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so. My senior year was supposed to be filled with genuine memories. Sadly, it was cut short, and I am unable to create those memories.”