The lost spring seniors: COVID-19's impact on Sumter, Clarendon, Lee high school athletes, Part XI


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Senior athletes in spring sports have lost out on most of their final high school seasons because of the coronavirus, so The Sumter Item wanted to hear from them about what that lost spring means to them. The Item will be running this series over the next several editions to give them a voice during their lost spring.

Robert McKnight Sumter track and field

“Its just heartbreaking and I feel devastated no other people can relate to this but us seniors and now its gone I have no other reason in explaining I just wish this never happen because track is what get me up in morning excited for practice and track meets but I just wish it never happen.”

Ellese Rojas – Manning soccer

“Starting off my senior I had high expectations for myself considering the fact that it was Manning Highs first year having a girls team. I feel like I missed out on so much athletic growth physically and mentally this year. I’ve been playing soccer at Manning High going on six years with their Co Ed team. Being an advocate for a girls’ team at Manning High I was beyond excited to represent Manning girls soccer team. Due to Covid-19 I am unable to fully experience my last year as a Manning Monarch.”

Zach Davis – Thomas Sumter baseball

"I hate that I will never have the opportunity to play baseball for TSA again. I played there since 9th grade and was looking forward to being a senior on the team. Opportunities missed that cannot be replaced."

Adrianna Johnson – Manning softball

“Softball has been a big part of my life for the past six years. I was so sad that our season was canceled. This year was supposed to be the best year of my life. I miss the field. I miss the game. I miss my teammates and coaches. Something that I truly learned in softball is it’s not always about talent. It’s about heart and dedication. It’s about who can get on the field and play the hardest. I want to thank God for giving me blessings and abilities to play softball. I want to thank my mother who is my biggest cheerleader. I also want to thank my teammates and coaches who are always there to cheer me on. I’m sad that my softball season is over, but I’m glad I’ve 5 years of memories with my team. THE MANNING HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL TEAM.”

Conner Tash – Wilson Hall shotgun

“Losing this season of spring sports was disappointing for me, because I feel as if I lost all the time I have been putting into improving myself. I have only been on the shotgun team for two years now; however, I was still having fun and hoping I would finish off this last year. It would’ve been satisfying to see how far I had improved from last year and shoot with my team one final year, but the shutdown stopped these plans. This has been an unfortunate turn of events for most seniors in high school as we looked forward to finishing our education and moving into the world. We expected to have all our last as the years before us did but unexpected things happened and now we have to move forward with at least a memorable last year.”