Letter to the editor: Too many seem more loyal to their party than their country


I have voted for as many Democrats as Republicans in my life. I try to look at who I think will be best for the country ... what kind of person they are.

And before someone responds with, "You must be a MAGA Republican" ... just stop. Believe me, I am not a fan of Trump either for many reasons. He's not my president now ... Joe Biden is.

When I look at Biden, I see a man completely disconnected from me. A person that just doesn't seem to care about the average American ... or even his own family.

Remember, this is a man that refused to even acknowledge his own 4-year-old granddaughter, until he was shamed into doing so. That told me a lot.

And then when he stood in front of a group of Hawaiians and in the hope of connecting to them says, "You know, Jill and I had a kitchen fire in our home in Delaware, and I almost lost my Corvette." What?? Saying this to people that had just lost EVERYTHING. I am not sure I have ever witnessed a more uncaring, insensitive remark from a president before. And then I just think this is the type of man he is.

It makes me sad to see my country so divided. And frankly, I'm not sure unity, as Americans, is coming back any time soon. Too many seem more loyal to party than country, and that is a guaranteed formula for the country to fail ... Democrat or Republican.

I wish there was a choice for me, but I know one thing, I can't vote for Joe Biden.