Opinion: Wake up and realize China is our enemy, and buy American


The brutal communist China dictatorship is our enemy. They are never going to be a friend. China has stolen our latest technology to build a formidable military. When you review their newer fighter aircraft, it looks like they have copied our latest fighters. Communist China has the largest military (second-largest Air Force) in the world, which is being modernized at an alarming rate. China is the only country besides the U.S. that has nuclear aircraft carriers. One carrier is operational, and two more are under construction. The purpose of these large Chinese aircraft carriers is power projection around the world, just like the U.S.

Communist China is the largest country in the world with 1.4 billion people and has the second-largest economy. Its economy is increasing at a high rate, and at some time in the future, its economy will surpass the U.S. Over the past years, communist China has made huge economic advances, greatly assisted by U.S. companies, which included its impressive ability to steal our technical secrets. And to make things worse, the U.S. allowed large numbers of Communist Chinese students to attend our best universities. In 2018, over 363,000 communist Chinese students attended our colleges, which is more than one-third of all foreign students ... over 5,000 received technical Ph.Ds. These communist students further increased their technical knowledge by working for U.S. companies in China and the U.S. ... a tremendous increase in technology transfer.

The U.S. must wake up, hopefully, if it is not too late, to eliminate our transfer of technology to the communists. The less contact with these communists the better. Additionally, we must aggressively work with our allies in the region, like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India and others, to build up their militaries with the latest equipment with well-trained personnel to include effective inter-operability command and control capability. This includes the forward deployment of our forces to new strategic locations (land and sea) with the latest surveillance, reconnaissance defensive and attack capabilities.

The communist Chinese also need a wake-up call, that the U.S. fully understands that they are the enemy. Buy American.