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Ossoff's loss shows his party is out of touch

Everyone this morning is talking about the 6th District Georgia House race as if it held cosmic significance (it didn't, unless you own a local TV station that was selling ad time; if so, then it changed your life the way winning the lottery would.) …

No surprise Democrats tanked

The Democrats have done it again, forming another circular firing squad to blow their chances of winning the Georgia House Special Election in its 6th District. As usual, the Dems put up a stiff for its candidate, one Jon Ossoff, who didn't even …
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Is your God dead?

George Yancy, a professor of philosophy at Emory University, asks, "Is Your God Dead?" His commentary appeared in The New York Times. I don't mean the God of the philosophers or the scholars, but, as Blaise Pascal said, the "God of Abraham, God …
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Sumter taxpayers can't even charge phones in library

Warning! Do not try to recharge your phone at any Sumter library! I did and was told to leave if I didn't unplug it. Apparently, there is an unwritten policy that taxpayers cannot use the outlets in the Sumter libraries, which are public …

Other writers should try to sound a little less vindictive

sound a little less vindictive Although I am guilty of it in the past, I try not to call names in letters to editor of other letter writers who are not public officials. Just something I try to do to sound a little less vindictive. A recent …
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It may be a bumpy ride with Trump

The Democrat party continues to do a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in the aftermath of Donald Trump's election as president of the United States. So many of the party's hardcore base of lefties and Hillary disciples, when they are not having …

Infantile left the real losers on Election Day

In the aftermath of last week's bitterly fought presidential election, the nation was treated to the winners and losers behaving with graciousness and civility. President Obama set the tone when he called on the nation to accept the outcome and …
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Raise gas tax before election-year politicking

Recent editorials from South Carolina newspapers: The Sun News April 6 Raise gas tax before election-year politicking Taxes on gasoline and other motor fuels are effectively user fees; motorists pay for using roads when they …
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