3 charged in Sumter for multi-state burglary ring

Thousands in cash, pennies seized with stolen goods, ski masks, gloves


Three South Carolina men were arrested on Interstate 95 in Sumter County in what is being described as a multi-state burglary ring when thousands of dollars in cash, stolen items and burglarizing accessories were found in the suspects' car.

Robert Lee Fogle, Darryl Antonio Burden and Thyron Triamine Burden face charges of possession of burglary tools after they were pulled over about 8 a.m. Tuesday for speeding, according to Ken Bell, public information officer for Sumter County Sheriff's Office.

A Community Action Team member patrolling the interstate saw the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban with a Florida license plate suddenly slam on the brakes to prevent rear-ending a slower vehicle but continue to tailgate the vehicle less than 10 feet away, Bell said.

The driver, 60-year-old Fogle, who is from North Charleston, reportedly admitted to having a suspended driver's license.

The deputy noticed a passenger in the back seat, identified as Darryl Burden, of Ladson, making "furtive movements and appearing to fake sleeping while having a large bundle of cash in his hand."

Thyron Burden, the front seat passenger, who is from North Charleston, reportedly had rented the vehicle and gave consent to search it.

"In a plastic bag that Darryl Burden admitted was his, deputies discovered two bundles of cash mixed in with clothes that totaled $2,422," Bell said. "Deputies also discovered two surge protectors and, behind the radio, a small flashlight. Flip phones were seized from both Fogle and Darryl Burden. A silver LG phone was also taken from Darryl Burden."

Deputies reportedly also found a plastic bag with black gloves and "ski-type masks."

Bell said a blue crowbar was found where Thyron Burden had been sitting. Another bag containing gloves and a gray hat were seized, and two more black masks were found.

The three men were seen on video surveillance footage reportedly committing burglaries from Myrtle Beach to Florida.

"Clothing, backpacks, the drill and other items were seen in the surveillance photos that matched those seized by the Sumter County Sheriff's Office CAT team," Bell said.

All three suspects were transported to Sumter County Sheriff's Office Detention Center.

While being booked, Bell said, an additional $5,241 in cash was found hidden in Darryl Burden's undergarments.

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis called the arrests a "major bust."

"This trio was traveling along Interstate 95 and 26 and just stopping in various towns to commit these crimes," Dennis said. "Our CAT team did an excellent job of recognizing that something was amiss during the traffic stop and making the arrests."

Dennis said the investigation is continuing and that it is possible more charges may be filed in other jurisdictions.

"We are looking at the places these suspects have visited recently to see if there are any other crimes they might have committed," he said. "People don't realize that law enforcement is not just local. We work with other agencies across the nation to solve these crimes."

Dennis said the best part was that no one was injured.

All three men are being held on a $10,000 surety bond each.