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Serve this full-flavored chicken dish with a crusty baguette

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Perhaps an arbitrary number of cloves, the 40 in this French dish are iconic; while the chicken braises, the generous cloves become appealingly soft and spreadable. But their flavor is often spiritless. Another … more

Highlight the earthy flavor of Brussels sprouts with Gruyere

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN In developing a Brussels sprout gratin, we wanted to make a dish that highlighted the earthy flavor of Brussels sprouts. Pre-roasting the sprouts made them rich and nutty, not cabbage-y. We made a quick, creamy Mornay … more

Bring out the flavor hidden in mushrooms with this pasta dish

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN We wanted to create a pasta dish that brought out the delicate, earthy flavor hiding in supermarket mushrooms. We selected cremini mushrooms, which have a meatier texture and a more intense, woodsy flavor than button … more

There's an easy way to tenderize kale

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN We love the earthy flavor of uncooked kale, but the texture of raw kale can be a little tough. Many recipes call for tossing it with dressing and letting it tenderize in the fridge overnight. This method didn't … more

Take ham and cheese to the next level by making a slider

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Take your ham and cheese sandwich to the next level by turning it into a slider. Fluffy potato dinner rolls are just the right size for a few bites. Heating these small sandwiches in the oven makes the rolls nice and … more

Irish Brown Soda Bread that's hearty, easy to make

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Irish brown soda bread is a hearty, wholesome loaf that tastes as good with a helping of scrambled eggs as it does with a smear of salted butter or tangy marmalade. And not only is this humble bread versatile, but it's … more

Hermits don't have to be a rock-hard cookie

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Old-fashioned recipes for hermits often produce rock-hard cookies peppered with bland, tough raisins. We wanted a moist, chewy cookie, gently redolent of molasses and warm spices. Traditional recipes for hermits call … more

Skip the commercially made corned beef and do it at home

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN You can make a decent corned beef dinner by buying a corned beef brisket, simmering it in a pot of water for a few hours, and adding vegetables at the end of cooking. But you can make superb New England-style corned beef … more

Making pizza in a skillet is a breeze

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Making pizza at home is gratifying, and it almost always tastes better than what you can get from delivery. But achieving a pizza with a crisp crust in the home oven can also be a real challenge. You need to stretch … more

Yes, you can freeze that and more: Tips for freezing all kinds of foods

Do you think of your freezer as an extension of your pantry? You should. Yes, we know the freezer is a marvelous holding pen for emergency frozen dinners, packaged frozen vegetables and ice cream. But it also can store a wide range of spare … more

Roasting is great way to prepare your vegetables

Roasting might just be the best way to cook vegetables. Roasting is a fancy term for cooking food in a hot oven. The intense heat causes excess moisture to evaporate, leaving a crispy, browned exterior. And all that … more

This rich pasta dish will have your family asking for seconds

There is something magical about this recipe, which coaxes the ultimate flavor out of just a few humble supermarket ingredients, turning them into a rich-tasting and well-balanced pasta dish that will have your family … more

It's possible to make tender kale without turning it to mush

Kale is among the most nutrient-dense of all vegetables, but it can be difficult to turn the hearty green tender enough to enjoy. We wanted a simple approach to producing an abundance of tender kale without overcooking … more

Dress up plain biscuits with favorite flavors

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN These plain biscuits can be dressed up with any flavorful, relatively dry ingredient, such as herbs, scallions, cheese, dried fruit or spices. For variations on the recipe, see below. Follow this recipe with your … more

Turn chicken soup into a comforting, nutrient-dense meal

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN There's nothing like a bowl of steaming chicken soup when you're feeling under the weather or even simply when fall turns to winter. But we wanted to transform this soup, often made with white rice or pasta and lacking … more

This vegetable curry has bold flavors

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Vegetable curries are a great hearty choice for a vegetarian meal. Filled with bold flavors and a good variety of vegetables, they can be healthy, satisfying, and delicious - as long as the vegetables are well cooked and … more

You won't miss the meat in this lasagna

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN There's no reason why a vegetable lasagna made with the classic trio of eggplant, zucchini and summer squash should be any less satisfying than a meat-based casserole, especially when the produce is in season and locally … more

Try a dish with bold North African-influenced spices

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Espinacas is a traditional tapas dish found in the southern Spanish region of Andalucia consisting of tender stewed chickpeas, delicate wilted spinach and bold North African-influenced spices. We set out to develop an … more

To cook a center-cut roast beef tenderloin, use a reverse-sear

The center-cut tenderloin - often called chateaubriand - comes from the middle of the whole tenderloin, which sits beneath the spine of the cow and gets no exercise at all, making it the most tender piece of beef you can … more

The perfect rich, meaty ragu achieved with baby back ribs

Ragu can be made from any meat or combination of meats, but the earthiness of a pure pork ragu is undeniably attractive - and great comfort food. Most recipes for traditional pork ragu use pork shoulder and a … more
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