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Try crumbly, cheesy, buttery spiced crackers

These delicate, crumbly, cheesy, buttery spiced crackers are popular in the South but should be required snacking everywhere. And while they're mostly about the cheese, the crackers would have one-note richness … more

Next time, make your own sandwich bread at home

The quintessential American sandwich loaf - tall and domed, with a fine, snowy-white crumb and a light brown crust - is a supermarket staple. Since it's eaten so often, we wanted to develop a recipe that wasn't just … more

Kick up your chicken salad by turning to your spice rack

To apply some modern tricks to old-school chicken salad, we turned to our spice rack. Most spices boast an impressive portfolio of phytonutrients - often the very same compounds that give them such potent … more

Greek yogurt creates a creamy, spice-infused salad dressing

Fresh, juicy summer tomatoes make a great salad, so we set out to create one with complementary flavors and a creamy dressing. Tomatoes exude lots of liquid when cut, which can quickly turn a salad into soup. To get … more

This bright, tasty salad celebrates Sicilian ingredients

This light, bright salad celebrates ingredients that are abundant in Sicily. Citrus fruits, in particular, flourish and come in many varieties. Taroccos, or blood oranges, are the most popular and prized variety, so … more

Add sensational salads to your meal plan

Adding more fruits and vegetables is one of the simplest ways to make at-home meals healthier for your family. Focusing your plate on more of the good stuff - vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, plant-based proteins, … more

Refreshing dishes for warm days

Family Features Keep your kitchen cool and comfortable with grilled meals that banish the heat to the outdoors. Crisp, fresh greens and a perfect blend of spices and savory ingredients make each of these refreshing dishes perfect solutions for … more

Make glazed, peachy grilled chicken

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Too many recipes for glazed grilled chicken give you meat that's scorched or sickeningly swee - or both. We wanted nicely glazed, unimpeachable peachy grilled chicken. To start, we sprinkled the chicken with salt and … more

The key to a crisp chopped salad is salting ahead of time

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN A chopped salad, where every ingredient is cut into pieces of about the same size, offers the perfect mixture of flavors and textures in every bite. However, some vegetables get watery and soggy when you chop and dress … more

Sesame Noodles with Chicken is both satisfying and full of flavor

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Much like a Chinese finger trap that lures by appearing to be a toy, sesame noodles are not what they seem. You may think of them as merely a humble bowl of cold noodles, but don't be fooled - just one bite and you're … more

Enjoy patriotic refreshing snacks this July 4th

FAMILY FEATURES There's no time like a hot summer picnic to let your patriotic spirit show. These all-American snacks featuring a classic favorite fruit - watermelon - are the perfect solution for nearly any summertime celebration. Watermelon … more

Quirky, nostalgic, practical: Tea towels make a splash

When Corinne Morse found one of her late grandmother's handwritten recipes inside an old cookbook, she wanted to share it with her mother. So she transferred an image of the recipe card onto tea towels for her mother and other relatives. "I just … more

A good salmon cake delivers rich flavor and tender texture

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN A good salmon cake delivers rich flavor and tender texture; the best veers away from flavor-muting binders at all costs. We used a food processor to chop salmon into a mix of both fine and larger pieces for a varied … more

Kalamata olives, nutty chickpeas give salad a kick

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN The appeal of a chopped salad is that all the ingredients are cut to a uniform size and tossed together, permitting a taste of everything in each bite. Virtually any ingredients may be used, yet most chopped salads … more

Grill and chill

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN To turn a midweek dinner into something special, try cooking easy pork tenderloin on the grill. To produce beautifully browned pork with a rich crust and tender, juicy meat, we started with a simple dry spice rub to … more

Make this messy, cheesy, utterly delicious corn

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN In Mexico, vendors sell this messy, cheesy, utterly delicious grilled corn from carts. To bring this street food to the home kitchen, we broiled the corn on the cob instead of heading out to the grill, first brushing it … more

Make flavor-packed chicken tacos in your Dutch oven

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Braising in a Dutch oven is often used for long, slow cooking, but it's also well suited for quick weeknight-friendly dinners like this flavor-packed chicken taco filling. We built a savory, well-balanced braising … more

Make traditional tandoori chicken at home

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Traditional tandoori chicken is marinated in yogurt and spices and roasted in a superhot tandoor oven to produce tender, flavorful meat and a beautiful char. To make it at home, we built a fragrant paste, blooming ginger … more

1-pot Swiss chard dish is hearty, flavorful

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN This quick one-pot approach to cooking Swiss chard results in a hearty, flavorful and versatile side dish. To avoid watery, overcooked chard, we started cooking the greens in a covered pot just until they wilted down. … more

Grab the skillet and pan-sear slabs of cheese

By AMERICA'S TEST KITCHEN Named for the small frying pan traditionally used to prepare this dish, Greek saganaki is an appetizer made by pan-searing slabs of firm cheese. We chose to create a version using halloumi. To achieve the classic … more
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