Clarendon School District 4 has 'game plan' for COVID-19 safety


As students went back to the classroom Monday, Clarendon School District 4's Board of Trustees went over their "game plan" for the new school year amid a continued and resurgent pandemic.

"I know one thing that is on everyone's mind is how can we keep our children safe," said Angela Bain, superintendent of Clarendon 4, the newly formed consolidated Summerton and Turbeville district.

Martin Wright, deputy superintendent, said the district made guidelines for that and presented them at a board meeting Monday.

Wright said the board presented its 2021-22 ESSR agreement safety plan in July and took from that to form these guidelines.

Wright highlighted eight sections of the plan. Here's a breakdown:

Masks and cleaning procedures

- Students and staff will be encouraged to wear a mask in all Clarendon 4 buildings.

- Social distancing of 3 feet will be a priority when possible.

- All employees, students and visitors will engage in temperature checks.

- Hand sanitizer will be made available in all classrooms and offices.

- Desk shields will be used in all classrooms.

- All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.

- Staff screening procedures will be required in all Clarendon 4 facilities.

- Isolation rooms will be used.

- Custodians will sanitize school buildings daily.


- Visitors were allowed to visit schools on the first two days of class.

- After day two, visitors will be allowed in schools by appointment only and will be required to wear a mask.

- Virtual meetings with parents will be encouraged.

School meals

- Schools will implement standard breakfast and lunch schedules.

- Students will be encouraged to wear a mask when not eating.

- Cafeteria tables will be cleaned and disinfected between meals.


- Buses will be at a capacity of 67%.

- Students are required to wear masks on buses.

- Students have seating assigned by bus drivers.

- Buses will be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

In the classroom

- Students have assigned seats in all classrooms. Small group instruction will be implemented. Students will use desk shields.

- Students are expected to have their own supplies.

- Teachers will minimize the sharing of instructional resources and lab equipment when feasible.

- Sanitation of highly used and frequently touched areas will continue.


- Bell schedules: elementary, 7:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m.; middle, 8:15 a.m.-3:15 p.m.; high, 8:15 a.m.-3:15 p.m.


- Student athletes must have required documents for participation.

- Everyone will be required to wear masks inside athletic events.

- Social distancing is encouraged.

- There are no restrictions for outdoor athletic events.

- Equipment and locker rooms will be sanitized after each use.