Community Conversations: An Introduction to Being Black in Sumter and America (WATCH)


Long overdue conversations are being had around the country in the months following George Floyd's killing. Conversations that unfortunately remain relevant daily.

This is a moment we can't let slip away. We can be a platform for members of the community who want to come together to learn and grow. We can elevate important voices that can initiate a conversation that leads to action. That's our hope.

So, we present this first installment of Community Conversations. Our hope is for this to be a recurring series that addresses topics of community concern and relevant current events and how they impact the community we all live in.

In this first conversation, six Sumterites came together to share their thoughts on what it means to be Black in America and talk with each other about how they feel about this moment in our country and what they want to see moving forward.

*Please note there is one explicit word used that we did not bleep.

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