CSD1 Board of Trustees to remain the same


MANNING - Clarendon School District One's Board of Trustees will remain the same following the November election and Monday's board appointments.

Five residents of CSD1 ran for three of the five elected seats on the district's board in the Nov. 6 election. Incumbents Keith Bowman, Tony Junious and Cindy Risher ran to maintain their seats on the board while two former school board members Bessie E. Leonard and the Rev. Dr. Bernard Richburg hoped to regain seats on the board. Junious led all candidates by garnering 28 percent of the vote. He was followed closely by Bowman who received 26 percent of the ballots cast and Risher who retained her seat on the board with 20 percent of the vote. Leonard came in fourth with 13 percent of the votes cast with Richburg receiving 12 percent of the vote.

The Clarendon County Board of Education met on Monday to consider applications for two of the four appointed seats on the Clarendon One school board. After interviewing the candidates that included current board members Vastine Johnson and the Rev. Johnny Lawson as well as Leonard, who lost her bid to become an elected member of the board in the Nov. 6 election, the board voted to reappoint Johnson and Lawson to the board, according to board secretary, the Rev. Mitchell Adger.

The CSD1 Board of Trustees is unique in its composition. Five of the nine board members are elected while four are appointed by the county's Board of Education. The board's appointed members serve two-year terms while the elected school board members serve staggered four-year terms.

All three of Clarendon County's school districts have different compositions. CSD1 has both elected and appointed board members while Clarendon School District 2 has all appointed members, and Clarendon School District 3 has all of its board members elected.