Democratic party has stooped to bullying Republicans


We now have a member of the U.S. Congress openly calling for the harassment and stalking of the president and anyone else that might be associated with him. We have Democrats not only showing their hatred of him, but calling his wife and children incredibly vulgar names in an attempt to bully behavior in others. Bullying ... from the party that claims civility as their own. Nonsense. Their true colors have been exposed. A hateful group, one that reaches to "leaders" in Congress ... No plan, no answers ... simply hate.

Do you realize that a man like John Kennedy, a Democratic icon for decades, would not even make it out of the Iowa primary in today's Democratic party? He would be laughed right out of a party that was seen as the "Party of Kennedy." That is how far left these nut jobs have turned. How sad.

The party of hate, division and identity politics. They are guaranteeing that people like me, who not only did not vote for Trump, but has voted Democrat in the past, to cast my ballot for him next time around ... with gusto.