Discipline must be enforced in Sumter schools for the good of everyone


If you want to make a change in public schools, then the Sumter School District Board of Trustees and the interim superintendent need to allow discipline to be handled in a manner that will allow learning to take place in the classroom. It is time that we stop making excuses for poor behavior. Race or economic inequities should not be an excuse for poor behavior. The district is too large for one person to be responsible for all discipline hearings unless he is willing to lead with an iron fist. We do not live in a time where a "culture of caring" helps our school remain a safe environment for all students, staff and faculty. Shootings in schools in the United States is a reality. Sumter School District needs to be protecting the good kids that come to school and do what they are supposed to do every day, not protecting the troublemakers from expulsion.

Rules must be adhered to, and the district office must enforce the discipline code as it is written. The reality is some students do not know how to behave in school. Answer: Discipline them accordingly. Allowing foul language, multiple fights by the same students, disrespect to the faculty and staff and overall aggressive behavior does not enable the students to be prepared to be law-abiding citizens. It is time to take action in the schools, or you will experience a mass exodus by the teachers of Sumter County School District.