DNR should restock lake and be ashamed to charge for fishing licenses


Santee Lake Marion is dead!

I just got back from a few days at my lake house on Polly's Creek. I fished around the piers and trees with crickets and never got a bite. One day I went down to the sawdust pile and again, I didn't get a bite. I decided to go catfishing with some herring, but still no luck. I fished in the shallows and out in the 20-foot water and still no fish. There have been times I have drifted for hours without seeing a fish on the depth finder.

Something needs to be done. I know SCDNR can do better than this. SCDNR should be ashamed to charge anybody for a fishing license in Santee. It should be that a kid can sit on a pier and throw out a cricket and catch something. Everybody who I have talked to would be willing to add a few dollars to their fishing license if it were used to restock the lake. If we don't have any resources, why do we need SCDNR officers? We could save that money until we get some fish back in the lake.

If we can't do better, I guess I need to sell the lake house and boats and save all that high tax money.