Double SNAP dollars with Healthy Bucks program


The incentive program that allows SC SNAP recipients to double their SNAP dollars to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets or from participating farmers returns this summer to 20 counties including Sumter and Lee. Administered by the South Carolina Department of Social Services, the Healthy Bucks Incentive Program features 30 vendors this year. One of the goals is to provide accessibility and additional benefits to clients in obtaining healthy, local and non-locally grown nutritious foods.

The program is available to all SC SNAP EBT clients. Clients can go to a participating farmer or farmers market and make an EBT purchase of at least $5. Upon making the purchase, the client will receive $10 in Healthy Bucks tokens to purchase additional fresh fruits and vegetables. Clients are able to receive the $10 incentive once per market day.

Healthy Bucks can be used at Rogers Vegetable Farm, which has multiple locations, in Sumter and Lee counties. Call (803) 840-1636 for information.

Of note:

- SNAP recipients who purchase at least $5 of goods with their SNAP EBT card, will receive $10 in Healthy Bucks tokens;

- SNAP recipients can receive additional fresh fruits and vegetables with their tokens;

- The program is for SNAP recipients only;

- The tokens can only be used to redeem fresh fruits and vegetables; and

- The tokens can be redeemed the same day or at a later date, depending on the farmer and the farmers markets days and hours of operation, or seasonal months.