Here's a plan for California to secede from America


There's a lot of talk going on about California seceding from the union. Well I think they should. I even think I have a good plan to make them the great republic of California to include leadership, economics and logistics.

First of all, a new republic will need strong, honest people with high morals and standards as leaders. First we have Bill and Hillary Clinton as king and queen. Next we have Nancy Pelosi as prime minister, Gov. Jerry Brown as head of foreign affairs, Elizabeth Warren as head of Indian affairs and Maxine Waters head of Race Relations.

Next is keep being a U.S. citizen. If you pay USA taxes, you'll keep your citizenship. If you don't pay taxes, all benefits, all benefits, will not be paid that year as of July 1.

Next is economics. Everything made in the Republic will automatically have a 25 percent tariff on all goods. Everything that is made, produced in Hollywood by the potty mouths will have a 50 percent or more tariff on all.

All military and federal installations will close down. Everything that can be salvaged will be taken. Everything else will be destroyed, but we'll leave behind all the rubble so you'll have something to fill in the cracks of your earthquakes. Of course no foreign aid, disaster relief or other compensations will be given.

God bless the 49 states of the USA.