Impact of college chaos will lead to nation's collapse


As a professor in a college setting for over 30 years, I have had direct contact with the college classroom setting and have personally observed some negative trends in the college and university environment. What was once the center of intellectual and cultural enrichment, colleges and universities today have eroded and have simply surrendered their historic position. Today a tsunami of offended and illogical student groups and teachers have expressed their ire, fear and frustration on the institution and have essentially eviscerated any concept of free speech and intellectual liberty. Many students would like to develop their intellectual skills and talents but are often overwhelmed by screaming elements of the offended. Thus, chaos at many colleges dictates the direction of learning and decorum. This has been evolving over the last 50 years but now has reached a climax, and unless some sense of logic and reason is restored, higher education is doomed. The impact of this has reverberated in all directions of our society and will only lead to the collapse of our nation itself.


Central Carolina Technical College