Jones is a water loving, happy-go-lucky boy


Did someone say water? Jones loves water. At approximately nine months old, Jones is a happy-go-lucky lab mix. We do not have a history on this boy, so we would advise a new owner to be cautious introducing him to large bodies of water until he is fully trained to come on command. Other than that, what's not to love about this curious, smiling smaller-sized young adult? In kennel 22 at Sumter Animal Control, 1240 Winkles Road, Jones deserves a home to lay his head and an owner to help him reach his full potential. As with all of our adoptable dogs, we do require a spay or neuter agreement, and it is strictly enforced. Proof of spay/neuter after adoption will be required. We have many other adoptable dogs as well as animals who were found and are waiting for their owners to claim them. Check Sumter Animal Control on Facebook. To set up a meet and greet, call our adoption coordinator at (803) 774-3232 or email