Kneeling NFL players should be thankful for what they have in this country


Duty, honor, country.

Those three words were given in a speech by Gen. Douglas MacArthur to the West Point cadets after the general retired. Those three words are very important to my wife and I as we have a combined 47 years of service in the USAF. I spent two years in Vietnam, and I lost four friends. My wife was stationed with the Air Staff at the Pentagon when a plane flew into the building on Sept. 11, 2001.

Our flag, our national anthem and our country mean everything to us. That doesn't seem to be the case with some of the NFL players these past seasons.

Some players were kneeling to protest police brutality and black oppression. I agree there are a few bad police officers and some racist people in our country, but there are many more good people than bad. Kneeling during the national anthem and showing such disrespect is hurting the whole country, not just those few bad people.

In my opinion, these players should be thankful for what they have. Their duty is to play football, which they get lots of money to do, and not to protest. Their disrespect for our flag and our national anthem shows they have no honor. That shows no respect for our country. I wish they would leave our country and go where they think it would be better. Oh yes, good luck on making as much money as you do here, and you can still protest all you want, but you will more than likely end up in prison.

I think these NFL players could learn something from the MLB and NBA players on how to act professionally and be patriotic.

Duty, honor, country! What does that mean to you?