Lemira Golden Steppers step up for the community



At the beginning of the school year, Lemira Elementary School Prinicipal, Dr. Vanessa Smith-Canty, challenged the Lemira Golden Steppers to engage in community service projects. The Golden Steppers have participated in two community service projects so far. During a school/community clean-up day, the steppers, parents and Lemira staff cleaned the grounds near the school. Through the project, the students learned that everyone has a responsibility to help keep the community clean and the importance of not littering. During the cleanup, it was observed that there were several homeless individuals living within the community, which inspired the steppers to do their second community service project, "Share Your Warmth Winter Drive." The goal of the drive was to collect items to keep the displaced neighbors warm during the winter season. From October through December, the Golden Steppers, along with parents, community donors and Sumter School District employees, donated items including blankets, gloves, socks, mittens, gloves and scarves. On Dec. 22, 2018, the items were delivered to the homeless individuals in the park off Lafayette Drive. The steppers also performed a step routine for the recipients. The remainder of the donated items was delivered to the emergency shelter located on Oakland Avenue.