Making important school district decisions in hurried way is dangerous, unwise


Sumter School District's Board of Trustees heard a preliminary report from a group of superintendent search consultants Monday, Dec. 3.

This specially called meeting was held at the Sumter School District's Office, located at 1345 Wilson Hall Road, Sumter, South Carolina, at 6 p.m.

Four of the aforementioned superintendent search consultants have been in Sumter for four days and have conducted 29 meetings, each lasting one hour in a time period of two days!

The "blitz" of meetings and posting of an online survey all come less than a week before the consultants made their formal presentation to the district's Board of Trustees concerning the search of the next Sumter School District superintendent.

Making decisions on bits of information obtained in a hurried fashion is dangerous and unwise.

The Sumter School District administrators, its board of trustees, Sumter County administration and the Sumter County Council's Board of Commissioners as well as the City of Sumter administration and Board of Commissioners are duly-elected officials and are stewards of the Sumter County school system.

The Family Unit Inc. prays that the above-mentioned governmental entities work together with and respect the ideas, opinions and thoughts of the Sumter communities, both rural and urban, in the decision-making processes that affect and pertain to Sumter School District.

Thank you all so very kindly for the valuable services that you render to the residents of Sumter County, South Carolina!

Brenda C. Williams, MD

The Family Unit Inc.