Money seems more important than safe, respectful schools


My pastor was contacted by Karen Michalik to counsel and advise me to apologize publicly, retracting my "accusations and lies" of school board meetings. She also sent him her lengthly Facebook post.

Myself, along with my pastor and church members, met privately with Dr. Baker to discuss and receive the model policy, conference materials, agendas and minutes. The transgender conference notes are from 2015. The board told Baker they were going to the conference and began work on it in February 2016. It had not been mandated then. Michalik states that they had the blessings of our attorney general and governor. The State news in May 2016 states that Haley said, "I don't think we need that type of law here." She had no interest in such legislation, and it died. Wilson stated, "The president does not have legal authority to force this mandate on S.C." There is no legal requirement for a board-level policy.

Karen states that federal funding would be withheld without the policy. This shows that money is much more important than a safe and respectful environment where the students and teachers can focus on their education. Funding would be lost anyway, because children would be removed to private or homeschooling.

Ms. Michalik states that board members were happy to allow transgender students access to the facilities in the teachers' lounge. They didn't have the task of monitoring as required by the transgender policy - the teachers would!

A third reading doesn't come to a final vote without a first and second reading. Explain away adopting a policy, Karen, but you brought the motion, and there was a unanimous vote by everyone on the board for this anti-moral, anti-Bible policy. If you're a board member, you supported it! Baker and the board knew that no principal, teacher, parent or students had knowledge of this forced transgender policy to start in August 2016.

I have received thanks from Sumter district teachers and flowers personally delivered by a state government official from my supporters for "having the courage to speak truth to power" naming Baker and John Michalik.