Planning commission gives favor to Broad Street Wendy's rebuild


Sumter City-County Planning Commission voted to recommend the approval of plans to rebuild the Wendy's on Broad Street and to restrict the permitted districts for the motor vehicle use during its meeting on Aug. 22.

Plans to rebuild Wendy’s find favor

Agenda Item: A request for Highway Corridor Protection District Design review approval for exterior building materials for a proposed 2,600-square-foot fast food restaurant rebuild project at 1085 Broad St.

Background: David Ayers, a representative of the applicant Carolina Restaurant Group, said the existing structure seems to have been built in the mid-90s based on its design.

A staff report for the proposed plan states the project will also include new parking, traffic circulation area and landscaping.

Ayers said construction is expected to begin in early to mid-October and should be completed before the end of the year.

Discussion: Commission member Dennis Bolen and commission member Doc Dunlap seconded.

Recommendation: Approval

Commission recommends motor vehicles use be restricted to one district

Agenda Item: A request to amend the Sumter County Zoning and Development Standards Ordinance to remove the used motor vehicle parts classification as a permitted, conditional or special exception use in all county zoning districts except the heavy industrial district.

Background: This amendment request, submitted by Sumter County Council, specifically addresses used motor vehicle part uses which are currently permitted in the light-industrial warehouse and heavy industrial districts as well as the multi-use industrial district as a conditional use.

Based on the definitions, the uses permitted under the motor vehicle parts use are very similar to uses permitted under the scrap and waste metals use which is only permitted in the heavy industrial district in the county, said Jeff Derwort, Sumter Planning Department senior planner.

Both uses also have similar land use impacts because each involves dismantling motor vehicles and on-site storage, he said.

Used motor vehicle parts and scrap and waste metals use are similar and should be treated the same, said George McGregor, planning department director.

Discussion: Commission member Bertha Willis made a motion to recommend approval and Bolen seconded.

Recommendation: Approval