Social media post threatens Crestwood High School

Post is second of the day in Sumter School District


A second social media post on Wednesday mentioned a threat of violence to another public school in Sumter.

The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a post targeting Crestwood High School Wednesday afternoon. A Facebook post on the agency’s page and an investigator said they are working to identify the person or persons who posted or reposted the threat on Snapchat.

“We are working jointly with Sumter School District to ensure that all of our children are educated in a safe environment,” the post said. “However, once we identify the individuals that are responsible for these social media posts, they will be prosecuted to the fullest.”

The school district echoed those sentiments, emphasizing those responsible, whether a threat is found to be credible or a joke, will be prosecuted both via the law and Sumter School District Code of Conduct,” according to district spokeswoman Shelly Galloway.

Galloway said there will be an increased law enforcement presence at Crestwood on Thursday.

The sheriff’s office asked for the second time on Wednesday for the public’s help in staying proactive by reporting anything they see or hear of concern to law enforcement.

Wednesday morning, two juveniles were identified and questioned in connection to social media posts threatening violence at Hillcrest Middle School. One student reportedly attends Hillcrest while the other goes to Alice Drive Middle School.

That situation was found to not be credible but will also be prosecuted along the same lines, according to the sheriff’s office and school district.